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I am so hip.

This site is moving to There’ll be a transitional period, but I’ve resolved most of the fiddly bits (I think. I know almost three things about running a website), so it ought to all be ready to read. Content has already been moved, so you won’t lose out on anything by leaving this place behind. It’ll still be here for a while though before I take it outside and shoot it, so no rush.

Thanks again for all your support. I know I’m crap at replying to comments and that, but it’s mainly because I never know what to say. It’s always good to see that people are enjoying themselves, though.

Right, off you go.


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Not Today

LAAMC is not a political site, but politics affect us all, and there is a political attack in progress that would put this and many, many other innocent sites at the mercy of any miserable bastard with an overzealous lawyer and no respect for human creativity.

The site will join many others in blackout today to protest proposed U.S. legislation that threatens just about everything that’s good about the internet: the Stop Internet Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA). Should either of these bills pass, any site that has comments, a forum, video streaming, user content in any form, could be rendered effectively inaccessible to most of their visitors, all because some greedy and incompetent people value their failing business models over the future of one of the most remarkable and powerful inventions in history.

Please do what you can to help prevent this from happening, whether you’re in the US or not (firstly, non-US sites will still suffer, and secondly, other governments are considering measures that are just as bad). If we do nothing, be prepared to see this happen to just about every site you visit, for good.

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Whether you care about christmas or not (I myself only got out of bed about two hours ago, and am currently making breakfast for my comparably lazy sister using the acre of bacon and black pudding left over from yesterday’s post-party breakfast. I am also totally exploiting my injured knee to keep my PC hooked up to the massive telly in the living room for as long as possible. It’s brilliant), I hope you’re all having fun. It’s usually better to have fun than to not, I find. It’s more fun.

I’d also like to say a most sincere thanks for all the people who’ve been reading, especially those of you who’ve taken the time to comment and offer criticism etc. It’s much appreciated, and always pleasant to see that people are reading and enjoying themselves.

Happy tree day! Now go and have fun.

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Nondrick is back! Sort of.

So, I’m in the middle of sorting out pictures for the next Ymelda update (I have a few lined up, and am many updates ahead in playing. I’ve barely scratched the game, to be honest, since doing so means having to write about it. Whine), when I take a short break and find out that Chris Livingston of Concerned and Nondrick/Livin’ in Oblivion fame has begun his Skyrim diary thing. Get over there now and read it!

I’ll be keeping this up (oh, and Hardlife is wayyy overdue, I know. I’ll get on that this week. Same with Liberty too, though that’s frankly a pain in the arse because it crashes so much and the save system is terrible. But I will get round to it), but Chris’ stuff is always great, so get reading, you loons.

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Guess What.

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