Nondrick is back! Sort of.

So, I’m in the middle of sorting out pictures for the next Ymelda update (I have a few lined up, and am many updates ahead in playing. I’ve barely scratched the game, to be honest, since doing so means having to write about it. Whine), when I take a short break and find out that Chris Livingston of Concerned and Nondrick/Livin’ in Oblivion fame has begun his Skyrim diary thing. Get over there now and read it!

I’ll be keeping this up (oh, and Hardlife is wayyy overdue, I know. I’ll get on that this week. Same with Liberty too, though that’s frankly a pain in the arse because it crashes so much and the save system is terrible. But I will get round to it), but Chris’ stuff is always great, so get reading, you loons.


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