What in the christ is going on here?

(This is an outdated ‘about’ page made when the blog was about only one game. It’s kept mainly for posterity. The series it refers to begins here.)

This is an attempt to play a heavily modified version of the PC role-playing game Fallout 3 as a simple survivor.  Not to solve great mysteries, not to max out a character, and not to save the world. Those moody whingers milling around in Megaton, complaining about the lack of water and the cost of living as you walk by with four million caps in your pocket? That’s me, that is.

I’ll be using a variety of mods (most notably the popular Fallout Wanderer’s Edition and Mart’s Mutant Mod) to ensure that mere survival will be a difficult goal in itself.  Certain rules will be in place to make life harder, more realistic, or simply more entertaining, and to prevent me from abusing in-game systems and loopholes.

Amongst many other changes, every item in the game, from water to bullets, will be important, scarce and very expensive.  I must eat, sleep and drink, and patch myself up when injured using medical equipment and various drugs.  Combat will be tougher, faster, and far more dangerous.  Even the lowliest punk with a pistol could finish me off.  And death is final.  Barring glitches, idiotic ‘wrong button’ presses on my part, and ultra boring instant deaths, as soon as I go down, that’s it.  Fín.

There will be much running away, much pain, suffering, and whimpering.  Some of it won’t even be from me.

5 responses to “What in the christ is going on here?

  1. Similar

    Excellent idea and very entertaining to read.

    I got here by accidentally on your name in an RPS comment thread, so poor motor skills can clearly be good for something.

    • Heh, I do that all the time. Cheers for stopping by either way. Any criticism would be much appreciated, if you have time.

      If you’ve liked this at all, you will probably love Chris Livingston’s Livin’ in Oblivion (linked up the top). If this turns out half as good as his work, I’ll be very happy.

      • Similar

        I’ve spent quite a few hours reading Livin’ in Oblivion the past day, not through it yet, but it is very good.
        I think I like the flow of yours better, though. Yours feels a bit more like it’s written from the perspective of the character than from the perspective of the person behind the keyboard, so it seems more … alive, for lack of a better word.
        To me it’s also more interesting to read about a survival character than an NPC one; bit more serious somehow (and more how I would play too, so that likely matters).
        Your screenshots are great too, they fit the writing very well.

        So I don’t really have any useful criticism…

      • Thanks for taking the time either way, it’s much appreciated. It’s obviously early yet, but I’ll probably stick fiarly closely to a somewhat in-character perspective, as it just feels more natural for this project. I’ll try not to be too twatty about it, though.

        Glad the screenshots are okay (although the new layout cuts them off slightly, grnrgh. Will have to start cropping more carefully). They ought to improve in future as I get into the habit of taking them. And making sure I’m actually pressing the right button next time. Ahem.

  2. Similar

    heh. The reconstruction where you hide from the cows was hilarious.

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