Wry Skim

Two things!

First: Apologies for the delay in posting this week. It was ready a few days ago, but boring technical problems kept me from putting it up. Seems to be okay now.

Second: I haven’t bought Skyrim, but I almost certainly will at some point, and will likely run a feature on it when I do. Possibly I will even do so with my first playthrough, for a more genuinely helpless, bewildering experience. But we’ll see. When and how that happens is complicated, as it depends on several things:

1) Price. Long story short, I’m on a budget. Besides, I almost never buy games on release when they’ll be half that price in a couple of months.

2) Mods. I assume Skyrim’s official mod kit will come out at some point. Though some kind modders are already at work (along with what sound like handy tweaks and such, the inevitable shaven blimp-titted mannequin mods have already started to appear, less then 48 hours after the game’s release. No nude men though, obviously, because that makes no sense, or something. I guess this is the price we pay the the great mods like FWE), I’d imagine it’ll be a few months before the mods and patches all balance and co-operate to the point where I’ll be able to do a sort of Mushroom-style survival/exploration thing well.

3) It appears that I am one of the twelve people in the world who haven’t bought and installed Skyrim already, so starting a diary on it in the next few weeks would be a bit pointless anyway, as everyone will either want to avoid spoilers or be sick of hearing about it. And finally…

4) I’m waiting to hear what Chris Livingston is going to do on it, if anything. It might sound silly, but as his work on Oblivion and Half-Life 2 is such an obvious influence, I’d feel somehow rude if I were to go first.

So there you go. Late to the party, as always. Oh! But I’ve just edited this sentence in because I’ve thought of a great name for it when I do it. Yeah, it’s probably not going to be an “if”. Stupid internet, getting me all excited about games.


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