On recent non-events

I know, I know. I’m a terrible person. Two weeks is far too long to go between updates. Sorry. There’s personal and medical stuff going on in my life lately and I haven’t really had the time or peace of mind to get the work done, and I’d feel bad about putting up any old rubbish.

However, the good news is that part of the reason for the delays is that I’ve been setting up some more projects to go alongside It’s a Hardlife. You might be surprised how long it can take to set a game up to work the way I want it to. Modders typically work in isolation, never mind that games themselves are often updated and patched enough to render old mods incompatible and the like. As a pretty patient person, I’m still impressed by the patience your average modder demostrates just by getting a good mod together, never mind keeping it updated as so many do.

I’m having fun with Hardwar (and I do have a plan for revisiting Fallout 3, but that probably won’t happen soon), but it’s both hard to screenshot and kind of repetitive if you’re playing within limits like I’ve been. It’ll continue, of course, but it won’t be alone.


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