Lady Liberty Rules

The rules and restrictions of Lady Liberty are as follows:

I must eat at least twice per day, aiming for thrice, and four times on a busy day. Basically, I’ll eat as often as possible without getting silly. The game clock runs rather fast, so a regular eating schedule may not be possible, but I can make this up by eating lots before and after a long day, so an average will be maintained. It goes without saying that if I fail to eat for three days, it’s game over.

I must sleep every day, within reason (an occasional all-nighter is hardly unlikely for a poor immigrant).

I must maintain any vehicle in my care. That means paying for fuel, and repairing any damage, barring the completely trivial (eg: a small dent isn’t a big deal, but a broken headlight is unlawful and therefore must be repaired).

Now, these last two rules are the most important, as they’re the two that may cause the most conflict. Firstly, I must pay my bills. I’ve estimated $300 per week on living costs (excluding costs listed above), and must raise this money by any means necessary. But! And this is the big one:

I must not break the law. The whole point of this is to see if I can make it as a law-abiding citizen. As you can imagine, this is not totally black and white. If I get desperate for money, I might have to cross that line. Also, let’s face it, nobody’s totally law abiding (apart from that one incredibly uptight, boring guy at work who is destined to die in a hail of police bullets after his inevitable psychotic break), and there will surely be times when I’ll break the speed limit or get boozed up and wind up in a fight. However, to help police this, I’ve installed mods that criminalise dangerous driving, speeding, etc. Abiding by the law also means following the rules of the road.

I should probably declare here that I don’t actually drive in real life, much less in the USA, so when I say ‘rules of the road’, I mean the obvious ones, like stopping at red lights, sticking to speed limits, and never indicating when someone is crossing the road, then giving them a shitty look like it’s their fault you’re a useless idiot, and being surprised when they respond by standing still in front of your car and examining their fingernails.

But anyway.

Other rules… well, to be honest, I haven’t played GTA4 enough to say for sure whether I’ll need more rules. So we’ll play that by ear.


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  1. switty


    That’s pretty much all I can say.

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