Keen, are ya?

Meet Kinaya.

One of many victims of our troubled times, Kinaya grew tired looking for increasingly scarce and insecure jobs, of being refused opportunities she knew she would take full advantage of, of watching her town slowly board itself up and drift away with the wind. So, selling all her remaining gear, and putting on, for some reason, her most dreadful clothes, she gathered all her eggs, and threw them carelessly into one basket.

Which basket, you ask? This one:

The biggest basket in virtual America: GTA 4’s Liberty City.

Anyone can come here and make it big (provided they have no qualms about robbing and murdering absolutely everyone they meet, sometimes in that order). It’s the pride of pretend America, and a highly impressive technological achievement, even though the game’s several years old; a modern metropolis teeming with life, with all its clamour, colour, and simmering violence. Many a criminal has made their way here and made it big within weeks.

But I am no criminal. I came here looking for an honest living. I will sleep, eat, and breathe in this city, enjoying its sights, exploring its secrets, and mingling with its people.

From nothing, Kina will earn her place in this city, as a decent, normal, law-abiding citizen. She will be…


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