What Cass Did Next

It’s day eight in the wasteland. Cass has finally struck out on her own, determined to find a new settlement away from Megaton. Miles from civilisation, surrounded on all sides by featureless, hostile desert, she’s come to an abandoned pre-war power plant in search of desperately needed medical supplies.

Her arm torn up with shrapnel, and both legs broken by the explosive force of a mine set by a mad old hermit, concussed and awash with radiation, she’s chased out of the plant by a swarm of humanoid things, led by an enormous, glowing, unstoppable monstrosity.

Whatever these things are, they’re not giving up. So neither does she.

Whipping out the horrendously powerful rifle she found just last night, she turns and blasts two of them to hell. A third shot is absorbed by the big guy. Hurling the gun aside, with no time to reload, she raises her fists.

Another burst from the glowing monster flushes her system with toxic radiation, weakening her already ailing body further. Undeterred, she backs away, slamming clenched fists into the creatures, heedless of the pain. One goes down. Then another. Snarling and hissing fill her ears along with her own bitter yells and the endless impact of spiked punches on flesh. Dimly aware of the racking body count, she swings at anything in range, losing track of how many have gone down, how many are coming, how many times she’s hit the enormous leader yet he still keeps coming, slashing mercilessly with those inhuman arms.

I’m not going to die here. I’m not-


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