Five Alive

What, did you think I’d miss?

Yeah alright, so did I. Cass’s shooting skill is among her best, but that’s really not saying much. Even with pretty high weapon skills, there’s natural gun sway and bullet spread to consider, which are made worse by the gun’s condition and how much you’re moving.

So the big nutter with the hammer is down. Make no mistake though, that was friggin’ close. My health’s still very high, but one hit from that sledgehammer would have either done me in or broken a limb and sent me staggering, which would mean a free second hit for the guy and no more of that respiratory goodness for Cass.

He certainly seems to be alone. Even those exploding mines didn’t attract any notice, so I take a moment to calm down. And just like that, Cass levels!

Level 3, here we come! In an instant, I can become significantly better at repairing, lockpicking, or er, small gunning. I could also mix and match, or put points into a lesser skill.

Thanks to Cass’s high intelligence, she has 7 skill points to distribute, which will count for double if applied to my three tagged skills.

I decide to go for small guns, raising it to a chart-topping 44 out of 100. Regrettably this means my lockpicking and repair skills remain close to useless, but it’s a necessity for now. Repair and Lockpicking are bonus skills, while Shooty Gun Power is a survival skill. It’s no contest, frankly.

The second screen asks me to choose a ‘perk’. Right now the options are very limited due to my weird stats and low level. Black Widow gives me a damage bonus whenever I attack men, Charge allows me to keep my gun/fists ready while sprinting (which I almost go for, as it can be a real lifesaver – holstering and readying a gun or headslap takes precious moments).

Swift Learner increases the XP rewards I get, making me level faster. That too is tempting, especially as levelling is rather slow in Cassworld, however I plump for a second level of “Daddy’s Girl” instead. This gives a 5 point boost to science (hacking) and medicine (exploiting the sick and injured. EH, DOC?), which could be a lifesaver.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, Cass reached Level 2 almost immediately upon starting the game, due to the way FWE bypasses the tutorial section. I went for small guns and “daddy’s girl” then, too.

Now, to business. Time to see what the deadie has to offer.

The answer is a borderline evil beard/’tache combo, a quite amusing mugshot, and hoboy, his armour is excellent.

The hammer is useless to me, being too cheap for its weight and a melee weapon, which are worse in combat than a solid right hook for someone with my skills. But the armour is the best I’ve seen yet. It’s very bulky, which means sneaking around will be a waste of time, but it offers almost twice the protection of my leather armour, is in bizarrely good condition considering the amount of ordinance I unloaded on it, and finally, it confers bonuses to my strength and my hand to hand fighting skill.

I would be a fool not to change into it immediately, and via the unisex magic of the future, I can do so without even adjusting the breastplate.

IT HAS A BREASTPLATE. It even covers my vital organs! There is someone in this world who actually knows how to design armour! Oh, happy day.

I decide to head back to the shack and becupboard my old armour. I’m reluctant to sell it just yet, as it won’t fetch much and could be handy in future if this set becomes worn out, or I just need to be sneaky for some purpose. I also have a closer look at the matching helmet, which somehow adds a further bonus to both facepunching and legbreaking. I’m pretty sure the game is abstractly modelling the headbutting that would inevitably occur with a woman of her temperament.

First though, just to see, I have a quick look at the place Sledge of Crapbeard was guarding. There are defensive sandbags piled up, and though there is a door, I think it best not to go in. Whoever’s in there probably won’t take kindly to some strange woman walking in wearing a cheeky smirk and the fairly distinctive armour of their security guard.

For the rest of the day, I relax in Megaton. I think picking up armour that would cost me about 1,500 caps is a day’s work, especially given how close a call that was. Just this morning I was contemplating townie versus wasteland life. Having just experienced the dangers and rewards of one, I ought to spend the rest of the day with the other.

Besides, I’m out of ammo except for the pipe rifle, and that, I must grudgingly admit, is not a weapon meant for combat. I think I’ll just chill in the Brass Lantern until an ammo caravan shows up, or morning comes.



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2 responses to “Five Alive

  1. Moe

    I am thoroughly enjoying the tale after spotting your link on the RPS forum. Good writing and some laugh-out-loud moments. I was originally expecting the blog to be more of an in-character, first person account of Cass’ adventures, but the style is fine the way it is.

    I’m glad you are playing Fallout 3 in a survival manner that the vanilla game horribly failed to realize. I definitely need to take a go at it with these mods.

    Thanks for the entertaining reading! Keep it up and when Cass does finally meet her demise, I hope you can find another game/mod to dedicate a similar blog to.

    • Cheers! I may be doing some more ‘in-character’ entries at some point, but it really comes down to what happens in game, and how it’s best to present it.

      I have a few ideas for other games to write about, but they’ll probably be very different, as there are so few games where you can sort of ‘live’ in the world, which is what I’m really enjoying about this one. I’m looking forward to Skyrim, but obviously I don’t know how it’ll play yet. I’ve considered making a series of fallout 3 character stories, but that might be a bit dull, and it depends on when Cass dies.

      Ahem. Anyway. Ta for the feedback – good to know you’re enjoying it!

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