Never Walk Alone

Life on the road is slow, but a hell of a lot less stressful. Happily, the column raises no objection to looking after a helpless dweeb like Cass, and even has room for her to fall into formation.

With the caravan’s fairly nasty hardware on display the raiders seem reluctant to bother us at first, so we simply stroll right out of sight at a casual pace, with Wolfgang periodically turning round to try to sell his stock to his own crew. Might want to branch out a little there, Wolfgang.

I try to strike up a conversation with the guards, but they’re all business. I soon learn that life on the road is all about non-verbal communication, and not just because that means there’s less voice acting to record.

It’s not long before the silence is broken, however, as a couple of dogs try a suicide charge at the two-headed bovine that is (are?) our pack brahmin. Both are reduced to so much bloody meat before I can even draw my pistol, let alone take pictures. This soon becomes something of a pattern, as the convoy proves itself more than capable of resisting wild molerats…

…crazed military-grade robots…

… as well as our old friends, the raiders.

Ha! Eat it, raiders. That’s right; you mess with me and a few days later I accidentally blunder into a friendly nutter with a flamethrower. That’ll learn yer.

Before long I learn to keep my pistol ready and stick close to the group, occasionally running off to loot a corpse and sell the meat to Wolfgang for a literal cap or two. He then marks it up by about 2,000%, so I just consider this my wage for helping out rather than taking advantage of the convoy’s quick, borderline psychotic reactions.

I also learn not to stand anywhere near the dude with the shotgun, who exhibits some obvious denial over his cyclopean status.

Someone really should have a word with him.

I’m already growing rather fond of Wolfgang and friends. Sadly I can’t really join in the fun much as my ammo is dangerously low, and even the weapons I take off the raiders’ bodies are worn out and useless. Wolfgang gives me a few caps for them and their armour at least, so I’m making a small pile of money off the back of their merciless slaughter.

My water problem is not going away, however, and I can’t see that changing unless we reach a settlement within the next day. And sure, I’m pretty safe with the caravan (I don’t even want to think about how I’d have got past five raiders alone), but I’m not getting any experience in, which means my skills aren’t improving. I really shouldn’t be taking advantage of them like this, it’s just hiding from the world.

On the other hand…

…we are totally badass.

It’s going to be difficult to leave, for sure. Cass is a loner at heart, and it’s not really in the spirit of this blog to hide behind NPC meat shields, especially as early as day two. But seriously, every time I turn round, they are frying a raider or turning a killer robot into an emergency buckshot storage facility. It’s all kinds of cool.

Decisions, decisions.

Sigh. I guess I’ll stick with them until the next stop, and then see what’s available from there. Until then…



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  1. Grim...


    Yeah, I probably would.

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